Rusty White Magic Mushroom (Psilocybe Cubensis, Rusty Whyte or Rusty White).

This is a popular strain of albino pigmentation shrooms that are proudly developed in Canada. Rusty White Magic Mushroom have a beautiful blend of snow white caps and are known to drop red spores. While these shrooms are small to medium sized, they carry an above average potency. What stands out about this strain is its up beat vibe which is great for social events such as partying with friends.

Rusty White Cubensis is great for beginners and veterans. The effects enlarge your insightful introspection. In addition, it improves social behaviour and good feelings. You’ll get visual hallucinations with either your eyes closed or open. Visuals will include, shape and colour variations, as well as fractals and forms.

Description of Rusty White Magic Mushroom

Rusty White, large light cream-coloured hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Rusty White Magic Mushroom is now available, a variety presented by the artisanal brand Tatandi. It is a relatively new endogenous mushroom strain, developed by Pasty Whyte in 2014 through a hybridisation between Albino A+ and Colombian “Rust Spore”.

This hallucinogenic mushroom produces large, light cream coloured, slender yet elongated fruits. Its cultivation is certainly a beautiful ethnomycology experience. To this growing and harvesting experience is added its high potency.

Rusty White, magic mushrooms ideal for marvelling at nature

It produces an effect where the beautiful colours are outstanding, especially appreciable outdoors in the middle of nature, discovering that the tree you are embracing is part of yourself.

This variety of hallucinogenic mushrooms is not very difficult to cultivate, although it requires good and stable conditions. A recommended temperature of 22-24ºC and a humidity between 60-80%.

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