Sativa Shake Blend

What it is:

Sativa Shake Blend is a mix blend of Jetfuel’s Sativa strain line up. Shake is a great way to ball on a budget – while getting that high-quality cannabis you know to expect from Medical 420 Cannabis‘s own Jetfuel Cannabis.

Why We Love Sativa Shake Blend:

Jetfuel Shake is ready to easily grind and smoke using rolling papers, vaporizers, pipes, or bongs – just light up and take flight!

Dosing And Potency:

Jetfuel’s shake is pack into airtight containers seal for maximum freshness and perfect to keep your flower safely.

A Bit About The Brand:

Jetfuel Cannabis is the Bay Area’s leader in indoor-grown, small batch craft cannabis, cultivating commercially since 2010 as a part of Medical 420 Cannabis and born out of a love for the higher things in life.

More Information

Furthermore, Produce using the plant’s smaller buds that is ground and sieve to ensure optimal consistency. Shake is use to roll your own or for cooking and baking.

Frequently, shake weed refers to anything you don’t want on display.

Moreso, Sometimes the shake is made of bud portions that is well cured.

However, cannabis stores usually combine their well-cure scraps from multiple strains and sells them at a discount.

In Conclusion, All your shake needs is met by BWIB in bulk.


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