What it is:

Pure Kush is an Indica-dominant strain pack a big, potent punch – grown by Jetfuel Cannabis.

Why We Love It:

This super skunky Indica-dominant phenotype of OG Kush boasts potent THC levels with aromatic hints of earthy fruitiness. Take a hit of this and send yourself down a lazy river of relaxation and bliss.

Dosing And Potency:

Pure Kush is precisely measured out to 3.5g, packed into airtight containers and sealed for maximum freshness – perfect to keep your flower safely stored.

A Bit About The Brand:

Jetfuel Cannabis is the Bay Area’s leader in indoor-grown, small-batch craft cannabis, cultivating commercially since 2010 as a part of Medical 420 Cannabis and born out of a love for the higher things in life.


30%  SATIVA  –  70%  INDICA 

THC:  24,35%  CBD:  0,30%   CBN:  0,25%

Kush phenotype, clone-only strain.

Stoned, heavy, couch-locking, with a narcotic side to it.

9 weeks, with a yield up to 900 gr/m.2.
Good for ScrOG.

Finishes by the first week of October (North hemisphere).
Production can reach 900 gr/plant.
Medium-size, dense plant.

More Informations

The couch locking effect that a good quality Kush can give you has always made this strain one of our favourites. The Original Sensible Pure Kush marijuana seeds are created with 100% pure indica landrace genetics from the Hindu Kush.

It is easy to grow and, oh so satisfying to smoke. Its pure genetics make it incredibly potent and a fabulous seed for everyone to enjoy. These kush weed seeds are really robust and have a great tolerance level which makes them ideal for those new to growing cannabis.

Furthermore, When grown outdoors expect good quality crops of up to 700g per plant, but it’s when you are growing this weed indoors that the plant comes into its own.

Those delicious, aromatic buds will produce up to 400-550gm2 of the most potent, couch lock Kush you will ever have the joy to experience. Narcotic potency levels of 22% THC make Original Sensible Seeds Pure Kush perfect for recreational and medicinal use soothing away pain, and leaving any smoker happy and beautifully relaxed.

Genetics:Hindu Kush
Cultivation:Indoor & Outdoor
Indoor Yield:550 gr/m2
Outdoor Yield:700 gr/Per Plant
Minimum Yield:400 gr/m2
Flowering Time:45 – 55 Days
Outdoor Harvest Month:September
THC %:22%
Indoor Height:100-160cm
Outdoor Height:120-180cm
Type:100% Indica
Type (Non Percentage):Mostly Indica
Taste:Powerful and sweet
Effects:Couch Lock, Relaxed


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