What it is: Lemon Vuitton Strain is a relaxing Indica grown and harvested by Medical 420 Cannabis and packaged in Jetfuel Cannabis – prepare to simply light up and take flight. Why We Love It: Lemon Vuitton is a potent phenotype of the infamous OG Kush. With hints of lemon and pine this strain is a perfectly balanced Hybrid for Daytime or Evening use. Dosing And Potency: Jetfuel’s Lemon Vuitton is packed into airtight containers sealed for maximum freshness and perfect to keep your flower safely stored. Flower is ready to grind and smoke using rolling papers, vaporizers, pipes, or bongs – just light up and take flight! A Bit About The Brand: Jetfuel Cannabis is the Bay Area’s leader in indoor-grown, small batch craft cannabis, cultivating commercially since 2010 as a part of Airfield Supply Company and born out of a love for the higher things in life.

Lemon Vuitton strain, also called “Loui Vuitton” is a balanced (50/50) hybrid marijuana made by crossing Lemon tree  X OG Kush strain. It is named after the French designer brand “Loui Vuitton”. It packs 20% THC levels with a pleasant aroma and taste of lemons, herbs, nuts, and wood. Lemon Vuitton #36 strain produces long-lasting calming euphoria, uplifting and relaxing effects. Buy Lemon Vuitton strain at The Smoke Cantina with fresh buds quality. We especially preserve marijuana to deliver its original taste, aroma, and effects.

Balanced marijuana strains such as Lemon Vuitton boast equal properties of Sativa and Indica, which produce effects of both. Initial effects include a head high with uplifting, energetic, and happy feelings which convert into a deep body high and cause deep relaxation in mind and body. Balanced Marijuana strains are best to relax body and mind and spend some lazy time without any stress.

Effects of Lemon Vuitton Strain

It produces a relaxing and long-lasting body buzz. It has pretty balanced effects and is a great option for novice smokers. With its incredibly relaxing body buzz, it will take up to 5 minutes to feel its potent effects. Initially, It produces extremely uplifting, euphoric, and soothing effects. It will give a boost to creativity and is perfect for social gatherings as it eliminates social anxiety.

You will immediately forget about depression, stress, and any type of anxiety, leaving you with a flow of happiness. You will also feel a strong cerebral rush in your mind and everything will seem nice to you.

However, this head high does not last long and slowly converts into a deep body high providing a pleasant body buzz. Depending on the dosage it might also couch-lock you. This is where indica lovers tend to enjoy the high, body buzz of Lemon Vuitton is not sedating like pure indica rather you have a sense of the presence of mind.

So, you should smoke Loui Vuitton strain when you do not have something important to do afterward. Most consumers smoke it after the evening or on weekend to spend quality lazy time.

With 20% THC levels Lemon Vuitton strain helps cure appetite loss, chronic strain, cramps, and stress. Consumers who suffer from sleeping problems should smoke it before bed to get a peaceful sleep.


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