Buy Voopoo Argus G which  sits somewhere between a beginner pod vape and a more complex pod system. While it uses the same pods and coils that many of VOOPOO’s other Argus vapes use. The power adjustment features, firm airflow slider, and great OLED display make it easier to customize than many of its stablemates.

The device is nicely design, with a tall slim body and a flat (and slightly round) mouthpiece on the pod. The body is made from aluminum alloy with a slightly matte finish to make it easier to grip. It feels sturdy and well-built in your hand, even though it only weighs around 60 grams.

Airflow can be adjust using a slider on the side of the vape. The slider is low-profile and pretty resistant to movement, so it stays in its set position nicely. You won’t need to worry about the airflow getting accidentally change in your pocket. The airflow can be set for anywhere from a lose MTL to a tight MTL draw.

About VOOPOO Argus G:

The Argus G is compatible with the same pods as the Argus POD SE, Z, and P1. You can choose to use pods with a fix coil, as includes in the box. Or those that allow the coil to be change for more/less resistance. The magnetic pod slots into the body, with the bulk of the tank visible, so you can easily see when you’re running low on ejuice.

Voopoo estimates that a single pod will last for 14ml of liquid, or 7 complete refills of the 2ml tank, before needing to be replace. Base on our tests, that’s about right, although lifespan is going to be impact by the power level you use and how well you maintain the pod fill level.

The Argus G features a stable wattage system. Which means the draw stays the same strength from full charge to right up until the battery dies. The power level can be adjust between 5 and 25W, depending on the coil being use. The device will automatically adjust the power bases on the coil resistance, but tweaking the wattage within a set range is still possible.

In our tests, removing the pod seem to reset the wattage to default each time. That’s slightly frustrating, but at least the clear and crisp OLED display makes readjusting the power level easy. If you can ignore that slight annoyance, the Voopoo Argus G is an excellent step up from beginner pod vapes or disposables.

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