Buy VAPORESSO XROS 3 with it’s best and most flavorful pod devices yet. It’s sleek, ultra-portable, and light. Overall, it’s a good looking device and it’s available in 8 stylish colors.


Buy VAPORESSO XROS 3 For its small size, the XROS 3 packs a surprisingly large 1000mAh battery and recharges quickly through a Type-C port. The XROS 3 also has an airflow control slider that allows you to adjust the draw to get it just how you want it.


The XROS 3 comes with a 1.0Ω pod, as well as a 0.6Ω pod in the package. These pods have a 2ml capacity and they are backwards compatible with all XROS devices. The XROS 3 is also compatible with all XROS pods.

About Vaporesso Xros 3

The pods are completely clear and sit in the battery in a way that leaves nearly the whole pod contents completely visible. A quick glance at the pod is all it takes to know if you need more ejuice.


These pods that come with the XROS 3 use VAPORESSO’s patented “COREX Heating Tech”. In our testing, the XROS 3 delivered better flavor than any other pod vape out there and each pod handled over seven refills without any drop in performance.


The 1.0Ω pod is purely meant for MTL vaping and it excels at it. It delivers a loose MTL draw with the airflow wide open and a tight MTL draw with the airflow closed off. Nicotine salt ejuices of all strengths vape just right with this pod. The flavor is right, the warmth is perfect, and the throat hit is on-point.


The 0.6Ω pod delivers a looser draw that is still a MTL vape. This pod is best used with freebase ejuices as anything higher than a 25mg nicotine salt ejuice delivers a very powerful draw. With a 6mg regular nicotine ejuice it’s the perfect mix of a strong draw, warm vapor, and good nicotine satisfaction.


No matter which one you use, both pods deliver a really nice vape with excellent flavor and the warmth of the vapor is just right. Overall, the XROS 3 is an easy to use device that just works. For a super portable pod vape, VAPORESSO has done a solid job with the XROS 3.


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