Buy Uwell IRONFIST-L which pod system is a brilliant addition to the Caliburn range. The side-mount pod is both familiar and unique and it makes the IRONFIST-L very distinctive among UWELL’s other pod vapes. The IRONFIST-L features three wattage output levels, as well as adjustable airflow.

The device is fairly small and slim at just 46mm wide, 69.75mm tall, and 17mm thick. Most users will be able to completely hide it in the palm of their hand if a bit of discreet vaping is require.

The IRONFIST-L comes with two coils, a 0.8Ω coil and a 1.2Ω coil. This gives you the option to switch between a MTL or RDL vaping style. You can also use UWELL’s 1.0ohm G Coils, which are available separately.

In our tests, these coils burn evenly and have good longevity if they’re not allow to dry out too often. All around, they are certainly on par with other popular coils and they deliver great flavor.

About Uwell IRONFIST-L:

The IRONFIST-L is draw-activate for ease of use. The draw is relatively loose if the airflow is fully open and the low-resistance coil is insert. However, it’s very easy to adjust the setup for a tighter inhale. When use with the higher-resistance 1.2Ω coil, it produces an impressive amount of vapor. Satisfying throat hit, and nice, intense flavor.

Power can be adjust through three levels up to a maximum of 16w, which is about average for most pod vapes. If you want to reduce the power level for RDL vaping, a few presses of the button on the side will allow you to do so. Airflow is adjust using the slider on the bottom of the device, directly below the pod.

The 690mAh battery isn’t the largest that we’ve seen, but even running it at 16w it should last through a full day for most vapers. Plus, 2A USB-C fast charging means that recharging takes no time at all.

The pod holds 2.5ml of vape juice and slides securely onto the side of the device. Covering the filling port but leaving the entire pod visible. For even more ejuice visibility and a bit of visual flair, the whole pod lights up when you draw, although this can easily be deactivated.

This high-quality zinc alloy and impact-resistance plastic pod vape is one of the greatest additions to the already impressive Caliburn range. If you’re looking for a highly-adaptable pod vape that is also simple to use, the IRONFIST-L is well worth a look.

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